Moreland's Royal Girl's School and Academy - coat of arms.......

What is she allowed to do for You(!) next? Our school's reception: «My name is Diana. - How can I serve your pleasure, today?»


Will you please allow me to introduce Becky and some others?




It's me, Diana

We are two of the quite ordinary schoolgirls in a kind of our standard morning wear here. And these two, over there, are Swedlana and Ann. They are very normal, too. Just highly talented - using white socks (don't muddle them up with grade signs, please) as well as doing some additional 'physical' jobs or 'brain'-training for and with us, to be fulfilled.


highly talented

Our forms (classes, courses and seminars) consist of a maximum of twelve 'girls', with no more than two highly gifted ones in each.

And there are smaller groups out of up to seven of our geniuses with and for particular extra tasks on morning, midday, evening and even night standby shift duty.


Miss. Ming Tow is a lecturer

Never to forget, our great lecturers - as Mis. Ming Tow, seen in her natural uniform here – at least two of this 'teachers' work together to guide us through optimal lessons and everyday life.

We are quite international (and perhaps even transcultural) in some, but not all, aspects.

School-uniform collection

Some more uniforms of the world.

And - by the way - we are at Your Service here, as we are it at each other's. - In ouer world it's a big reward, to get permission, to thank ones servants.

group of maids

The basic tutor-teams, formed by up to four 'girls' with at least a genius one, are periodically working together on all theses highly respected services, too. - Some of them are constantly on duty as: house maids and keepers, seamstresses, chamber maids, flower girls, kitchen maids, cooks, waitresses, stewardesses, hostesses, nurses, farm maids, animal keepers, horse maids, coach girls, rowers, sailors, technicians, navigators, guides, clerks, secretaries, interpreters and so on and so forth.


under construction














Would your Grace like to see our countryside?



under construction







Full of places for a lot of thin(kin)gs and happenings, very different and various ones.

wilde Engel pics. From a garden ti a – even the – city.









Finally we should like to courteous present Your Grace with:
Some sunflowers of (our) learning!




flower curtsy

Aspects of studying


The «don't (always) carry it too far (Girls)» rule.



flower curtsy

A (few) qustion(s) of methods

learning with the eyes - German textlearning with the ears  - German text learning with hands and feet  - German text




flower curtsy

Necessity and disadvantages of exercise

exercising girlexercising pupilpractising studentclever pupil – making breaks exercising girlpractising student










flower curtsy

Handling language problems and/or diversity. ...............

We are discovering, that sameness is not always the best form of equality!

under construction


flower curtsy

Gender, age and status interaction.





flower curtsy

Semiotic's language aspect




Hebrew ot he - German text

flower curtsy

Pragmatic's hermeutical aspekrs

........... rhetorical aspects



Hebrew ot he - German text

flower curtsy

Translation and interpretation

........... grammatical aspects



Hebrew ot resh - German text

flower curtsy

The problem of evil desire, or the theodicee syndrome.

Hebrew otijot resh or jew  - German text ........... dialectical aspekts and logical conclusions




Hebrew ot waw - German text

flower curtsy

Unity and security in variety

Wisdom and knolege - German text

Hebrew otiiot shin and ...  - shalom









flower curtsy

Graduation in/on subjects – modalities

-> more on the middle - in German

We are finding (!) out, that the truth is always between the extrem positions – but never ever exactly in the middle.

under construction

flower curtsy






flower curtsy

Primary or elementary





flower curtsy

Comprehensive boarding (secondary, grammar) schools - Debutante(s)





flower curtsy

Colleges, academies and universities


A very small summery mainly in German.

flower curtsy


grammatical aspects rhetorical aspects dialectical aspekts


flower curtsy



flower curtsy

Knight(hood The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle)












Curriculum – skills and abilities

























Should you really like to join us yourself?




Moreland's Royal Girl's School and Academy - coat of arms

No, it's definitely not a question of your status, money, age, gender or sex and faith, but of some much harder aspects. – Yes there are indeed some of these - and you will, at least, have to know them, if you are actually intending to come here. 'Sorry', we arn't sending or linking you to admission forms.

more evening meetings - laiölah kohelet


more schools and academies of the world

Instead we kindly rever you to some more usual institutions. - Or stay with us a bit more 'virtually' ...


The choice is yours:  options  Is our world to be put in crude black-and-white terms – or is it still rather blue?


Einladung auf die Burg - Invitation to the castle



Einladung auf die Burg - Invitation to the castle



Maind-maps - Gedanken-'Karten'


Bücherberg (mountain of books) weiter zu Litaratur u.a.
Quellen – only in German





special sites Venice (German)


special sites Israel (German)

special sites Jerusalem (German)



special sites AlHambra (German)


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